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Scandalous Green Teamsalamone Lamborghini Goes Topless

Scandalous Green Teamsalamone Lamborghini Goes Topless

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By Nick Christensen
Posted: Nov 3rd 2013, 9:00 AM


Salamone, the eccentric divorce attorney, replaced his chrome Lamborghini Aventador with a new green Roadster in New York this past week.

Scandalous Green Teamsalamone Lamborghini Goes Topless
Bryan Louis Salamone of Teamsalamone Winning is known around the world for extreme absurdity. Salamone's wild Lamborghinis, clothing and behavior have earned him the title Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner in the World.

Stereotypes are bad even when they're good.

Salamone is the epitome of fun. From a distance, the hedonism seems out of control, but realize the road rallies and weekend parties are just a way to reenergize from long emotionally draining days in the courtroom. In addition, Salamone hangs with celebrities. Don't mistake his outrageous cohort simply as random pimps, strippers and adult professionals because his constant companion, co-driver and wife known as Concubine, plus Ice T and wife Coco Austin are all famous worldwide in their own right. Plus, Salamone's style is delightful. Don't be so pretentious that you think everything you wear is amazing because if judged against a panel of fashion experts, his tacky clothing infused with loud bright shiny craziness would most likely win.

Squeeze all of the fun out of every God given minute of life.
- Bryan Louis Salamone

The new green color is a particularly rare factory color called Verde Scandal.

According to Lamborghini, it's even brighter than Verde Ithaca green. Yet, most people would say this scandalous color isn't as vivid as the 50th Anniversario Giallo Maggio yellow. However, research for fire truck safety shows that people are most sensitive to greenish-yellow colors, making bright green shades the easiest to see. Therefore, Verde Scandal might stand out more than any other color, which is perfect for Salamone.


Going topless is always scandalous for any hypercar.

Salamone's chrome 'WINNING' Aventador replacement is one of the first Roadsters in New York and features the licence plate 'SCANDAL.' It has a 6.5 liter 700 hp V12 and a top speed of 217 mph. Most people would probably make sure the Roadster's top panels were properly secured before attempting such speeds.


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